Sleeping with the lights on
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2002-04-07 21:29:15 (UTC)

poooooooot brownieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Okay, yesterday was 3 months for me and my Jeffrey! :) Yes,
I know that we had broken up, but we got back together very
shortly after, and so we decided just to call our "break up"
just a "break" and call the 6th our 3 months anyways! :) I
didn't get to talk to him all day yesterday, but he came
over to my house on Friday! :)Anyways, I had told him about
our fun experience going on yesterday the day before!! :) I
had never eaten pot-brownies, so some of my friends and I
decided to try it out! It was so much fun! We made them kind
of wrong, but they It is really true what they have to be patient with brownies..I wasn't that
patient and I gobbled almost 3 down before they had probably
even hit my stomache!! wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Talk about
being blown BACK a couple hours later! lol. Anyways, we went
to the coffee shop and I got to see my darling!! :) And now
i am waiting for my babe to get here, because we are going
to Washington. LOL..We are making our brownies again today,
and the right dunno..I am going to be pretty
high. but there is only one thing I love more than TREE's!!
And that's jeff :) ;) awwwwwww hehee!