Dear Felicity
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2001-05-23 00:30:20 (UTC)


so its tuesday, and joe came hoe today. actually i havent
seen him yet, he is coming over prob. before 9. I cant wait
to see him, I know i saw him on sunday, but I still have
missed him so much!
I am talking to garcia on the computer right now. I
really miss that kid. He is such a good person. I know he
would do anything for me. The girls and even joe always say
that he likes me, a part of me sometimes believes it, but I
think he just sees me as a good friend. Everyone makes
speculations about close friends who are boys and girls. It
doesnt matter anyway if he does, he would never do anything.
He respects me too much to do that. Anyway,
So me and my mom got in a huge fight today, she hit
bridget,so i went upstairs and asked her why. I knew she
was gonna come downstairs and yell at me, but i didnt give a
shit, yea i was lil scared, but if she would have touched me
I would have fought back. I dont care anymore. this is
going to be the worst summer of my life.
I am waiting for my damn grades to be posted, but they
havent yet, and its driving me NUTS, i wanna see them so
bad. I just wanna know that I did well. I have to say that I
really worked hard for my psych grade. if i got a c in it
im gonna be so mad. SO MAD! I need to start working harder,
I relly need to get my ass in order next semester. the girls
can call me a dork if they want, i dont care. Im not gonna
fuck around anymore. i need to get on that damn deans list.
i need to start getting my shit together. Of course I say
all of this now, but laziness will kick in.
Well im gonna go, i have to finish getting ready and i wanna
get out of here as soon as joe gets here so i dont have to
talk to my parents. toodles

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