2002-04-07 18:36:47 (UTC)

are these "problems"?

I don't know if this qualifies as me and my bf
having "problems" or not... it sorta seems like that's what
you could call them though. We fought on Thursday but on
Friday everything was ok but this stupid whore was hitting
on him (as she was on Thursday)... she's one of his friends
so it's not like she'll just go away or anything and she
was out with them last night while I was out somewhere
else. He told me to keep my cell phone on cuz they'd
probably be leaving early and he'd call me... but he didn't
call but I just found out that he DID leave early and
actually came into the city and went to a bar 2 mins from
my house with his friends, and this whore was the one
driving them all... so why didn't he call me? Was she being
a slut again last night even though she wasn't drinking?
I'll probably never know cuz I wasn't there and even if she
was being a slut he'd never tell me about it... So are
these problems?? I don't know but this sure bugs me a lot.
I know he likes me (that's what he says at least) and he
tells me he doesn't 'have feelings' for anyone else etc etc
and i pretty much trust him but it drives me crazy when
she's being such a fucking slut trying to get his attention
(i mean, lifting up your skirt and showing a guy your
panties is like extremely slutty in my opinion...) fuck
this drives me up the friggin wall