Deep Down
2002-04-07 18:30:58 (UTC)

I have returned to what you call civilization

Well Wisconsin was a blast, I have to admit. Being in a
different set of scenery totally makes you appreciate the
places you live. Not saying that it was horrible or
anything, but man......those chicks that live up there are
scary. No, not scary....terrifying. I couldn't stop
thinking about her though. God help me, for she might not
even think of me. I missed her terribly. *Sighs* Wisconsin
was a blast though. Nothing but bars and gigs as far as the
eye could see. Parties, the lake, peace.
I realized that I have that all here and that I don't need
to go far to find bliss. All I have to do is look out my
back porch and watch the sunset on the beach. I wish Neeley
was here to witness it. I wonder where she is and what's
she's doing at this very moment. I suppose I'll never know.
Whatever she's doing though....I hope she's finding
happiness. That's what every woman deserves. Happiness.
God, how I'd love to see it in her eyes. Soon...I just have
to keep telling myself that.