the ups and downs of my life
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2002-04-07 18:05:56 (UTC)


well we got a trampoline yesterday. it was huge. its 15
ft. its really cool. well i have a lil homework today not
alot. for history we have to pick someone who is dead and
write a resems for them and i was just joking around
saying i was going to do hitler. and then i was like ok
who should i really dop and everyone is like u should
really do hitler. so i did. and i feel lik ean idiot and i
wish i could switch. but i cant i shoulg have said " look
i dont want to do it on hitler so im not so stop telling
me to."

well i took my test on fri for english and i thin k that
is the most i have ever written in 3 mins. the period was
almost over in 1 mon and i had a whole essay to write so i
wrote it all in like three mins. good thing i study it b4
hand. i hope i did a good job. well i have to go call my
dad b/c my mom is flipping. bye