ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-04-07 17:55:43 (UTC)

my weekend.... LONg,...but GOod

**** Time:10:04 a.m.
^^^^ SoNg: DaViD DrAIMaN "FORsakEn"
@@@@ mood: tired, pissed, surprised, dissapointed

My WeEkEnd is not over yet, since today is SUnday,
April 7th, (i noticed that the dates on my entrees are
all fucked up ) and i just had to come and write about
waht happened. I broke a bunch of laws all in one day!
and i was a total rebel! whooooo! (i know, kinda
stupid) but this is my story.

Ok, all fuckin week we've been planning to go back
to the abandoned house, but this time we wanted to stock
up on alhcohol and shit. So on Friday, me,
Rafa, Veronica, and Heather all pitched in our money and we
had over $50 to buy whatever we wanted. so Veroncia's
sister's boyfriend hooked us up, and we took all of the
shit we got to the house (actually Chris did) so we
were totally set and shit.

Then me and Rafaela went to the park by my house cuz
thats where we all were going to meet. So at like 8:30,
Veronica, Heather, Chris, and Stix (britt was gonna go, but
her mom is a paranoid little bitch so she couldnt) all
showed up. But Korey was there (this guy Rafa's
obssessed with) was there with his friend Jon.
SSSTTUUPPIIDDD asses Rafa and Chris BOTH invited Korey
to go, and he wanted fuckin Jon to go too. But they went
and did their own thing so they said they would come
later. whatever. i didnt want either of the little
bastards to come, but i didnt say anything. So
we went to the house and Stix kept bitching cuz she thought
we were gonna get caught,, so i was like 'then why the
hell did u come bitch???' but she WANTED to come so

So we got there, and we just sat in a
big circle in the master bdrm (our hang-out place) and
we all got high with this brand new bong that Chris
bought. it was fuckin cool. Then after awhile, we
started to bring out our other shit (me and Veronica
PERSONALLY bought 4 ST. Ihnes for OURselvES,... so we told
everyone not to drink them.) i drank mine, and
she had a bottle of Jack Daniels, so i had a shot of that,
and i thought i was going to puke it up. We were all
buzzin and especilly Rafa and Chris cuz Korey gave them
some shroomz... but it was so cool.
Then at like 10:00 or somethin, these fucking guys
came that we didnt know. Chris invited this one guy
i dont know, and he decided to bring 4 other
friends. The rest of us were like 'ok....
they better not drink our shit' cuz they didnt fuckin pay
for it like we did! so they were chillen in the
like living room or somethin, but they left.

Chris came back and he was like ' i made them leave
cuz they were going to take advantage of all of u when u
got wasted' and we were like 'oh, well good.'
so we just kicked it some more, and then like half an
hour later, they came back. But there was only like
3 of them.

Now, to this Day, i dont know why the fuck
they were doing this, but they decided to start messing
with the motion detector alarm. and suddenly it started
going off!!! it was so fucking loud, and they took
off. the rest of us jumped up and tried to grab all of
our shit and blow out the candles. Chris, Rafa, and Stix
all took off for the kitchen (theres a broken window in
there) and so i followed them and we all jumped out
it. then we all jumped over the wall into Chris's
backyard. I was the last one to go over cuz i had to
put my shoes on , and stupid fucking Stix would not get her
fucking ass over the wall, so i tried pushing her
over. then finally i got over, and in the process
i scratched up both my arms and my stomache.

Chris told us to go hide in the corner (the whole
time we all kept hearing police cars cuz we were so scared,
actually i wasnt cuz i knew the cops werent coming) so
me, Stix and Rafa stood in the dark corner of Chris's
backyard. i heard him talking to his mom (of course
the alarm woke them up, probably the whole neighborhood
up). As i stood there just waiting, Rafa ran up to me and
threw her arms around me . she was so scared it wasnt
even funny. all i could do was hug her back and tell her it
was ok. suddenly Chris's dogs ran out and started
barking at us and Chris came and got us and it was so
embarrassing cuz we had to go through his house and his
whole family was there, just watching us walk to the door.
Chris said he was walking us home ,but i dont remember what
else he said. all i remember is he spun me around and
was like ' im sorry' and he kissed me and then he left to
go back home. he had to take all the blame for us, but
later i came to know he didnt get in any trouble cuz his
parents are just cool like that.

so as soon as we walked down the street, Korey and
JOn showed up and we totally fucked up. we told them what
happend and i think they got scared so they like went and
hid in a bush. we were all freaked cuz we didnt know
where to go since we were all sposed to be somewhere
else. so we went to Rafa's house cuz her parents dont
care. When we got there Veronica and Heather called us
so we went and me them and we all ran into Rafa's house,
into her room, and locked that fuckin door. IT was such
a fucking rush. all i remember is Rafa turning on
ther blacklight, opening the window , and all the stars
around her room were really bright. Then i just passed
out on her bed.

I woke up at like 2:45 and everyone was
gone, except Stix who was sleeping next to me. SHe gave
me some water and we both freaked out cuz we heard this big
ol thunder crashing and stuff cuz it was raining. It felt
good though cuz her window was open and i could feel this
cool breeze through her curtains. Her stereo was on and i
just fell asleep listening to it.

In the morning Stix woke me up and we had to go to my
house cuz her mom was picking her up there. so me, her,
and Veronica left and as soon as we did it started raining
on us. Her mom picked us up and gave me and Veronica a
ride back to Rafa's. We all just hung out,
watched videos that we made of ourselves looking like total
asses, and then Britt came over later and we went to the
mall. we saw ICe Age, which was the most
adorable movie!!! and then at like 7:00 mi madre
picked me up and we went and saw my grandma. i was
pissed though cuz i wanted to talk to Chris cuz he had been
trying to get a hold of me all day and i was trying to call
him all day, but we didnt get to talk. Im going to call
him in a little while....

Ok, so this is why im pissed off. Stupid
Korey and Jon went back and slept at the house cuz they had
no where to go. Jon and Jacob drank all of our shit, and
so did stupid Chris's friends. i had one bottle of St.
Ihnes, Veronica had one, stix and Heather had like half,
and Rafa had none. and we spent all of our money on
that shit. im so pissed cuz those assholes drank it all,
and they didnt pay for it! im seriously going to kill
them. well i wrote a lot so ill write more later.