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2001-05-22 23:28:23 (UTC)

2 days left

wow 2days left of class. this sucks somewhat but in a way i
am relieved. YAY! right? haha i guess so. well besides the
fact that i will be graduating man time is flying. i
remember my freshman year and how i was so pissed to be in
high school. i always thought to myself how i didn't want
to grow up. then throughout high school i couldn't wait to
graduate. now i am super scared. my life is starting now. i
have way too much responsibility and decision making ahead
of me. wooooo i am so nervous. gosh. i dunno what the heck
i am going to do but i need to do something i make it fast.
wow i want to sky dive soon so i can get that whole
adrenaline rush out of the way.. i think i am gonna get a
piercing too to do something else. i dunno i really just
don't want a tattoo tho because at least i can take the
piercing out but the tattoo is forever. i am totally
meandering here but o well this is my journal. anyways so
two days and it is over. no more high school. on to college
i go. =)

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