Vanessa Jo

2001-05-22 23:10:27 (UTC)


Ok, I'm updating this even though I don't have a whole lot
to talk about. I just got back from driving my last two
hours with the instructor. Thank God that's over. I have
an english paper to write, but I rather be writing on this
thing. Hm.. what do normal people talk about on these
things? I don't really suppose a normal person would have
one, since if you do have one, you don't have a life. And
that's not normal. I do have a life, but I don't choose to
live it I guess. I could be on the phone, or out driving
the 45 hours I still need to get my license. I wish I was
sleeping, that sounds like the best thing to do right now.
Oh yeah, if you read this and you don't know me, feel free
to send me messages and ask questions if you want to. I
have nothing better to do, so I would love to answer
questions that you have. We only have 11 days of school
left. What a relief. That means we get out the 7th. My
birthday is the 8th. Not a big deal, maybe I'll get a
cheap, trashy car that my parents think I almost deserve.
The last 4 days are finals though, so we get out early
those days. That's always nice. But I will miss a lot of
peeps. I need to remember to get everyone's phone numbers
to keep in touch, cause I met a lot of new people this
year.. mostly freshman. Once I get out at about 11am on
the 7th, I can consider myself a junior. Woohoo! Well,
not much more to say. Send messages!!