The Sky is Ridiculously Blue
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2002-04-07 16:50:01 (UTC)

April 7th, 2002 : 12:39pm

Well, it's another Sunday in Rochester, and for those who
know me, you know what that means:


But before I begin, I want to just talk about something
that caught my mind this morning during service. We were
taking about God's promise to each of us, and how His
promise is guaranteed just by His character. That's some
pretty amazing stuff if you really think about it.

Really think about it.

No matter what you do, bad or good, the promise He's given
to you is going to carry through. It means, that no matter
how sinful you are, and how awful you act, He's not going
to turn His back on you. However, it also means we can't
work for our Salvation. We can't write up a list of people
we've helped, dollars we've donated and good habits we've
kept and turn it into Him and say: "Here, I've fulfilled
MY part of the deal, now give me what I'm entitled to."
It's all by His grace alone.

And I think a lot of the time, I forget that. Even though
the concept is embedded in me, still, I find myself
struggling to always do the "right thing", and I suppose
more apparent of my forgetfulness is that I find myself
lamenting and regretting the times I stray from that "right
thing" way of life. It _is_ important to observe when
we've sinned, and to ask Him for forgiveness. But, it
isn't right to dwell on our wrongdoings and to brood over
our weaknesses. We are ALL weakness and wrongdoing in His
eyes. Imagine-- How arrogant, how prideful it is of me
when I say something of me is of the same "good" that He
is. Even when I don't directly say, I sure do imply it by
saying and lamenting over something that I consider "bad."

Instead of focusing on the things I do wrong, or the things
I wish I could do right, I should be turning towards Him
for guidance, and for strength, and for leading my life in
the ways that best fulfill His will.


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