Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-04-07 15:58:59 (UTC)


Sundays....why do they exist?
One day to go, then it's back to school.
I don't wanna go back! I have my media essay and my tech
project to finish. I know, i know, I shouldn't have waited
untill the last day of the holidays to finish it, just I've
been in a "I'll do it tomorrow" mood for the last two weeks.
*positive thinking* I WILL get it finished, I will!!
Oh, I should be happy. Tobey Torres is this months star on
the calendar!

This whole holiday has been one waste of time. I've done
nothing at all! I'm so proud!! It's lasted a lot longer
than most other 2 week holidays. But anytime off school is
a good thing-regardless of the ammount of boredom.

My art project is due in on Monday! :X I know exactly what
I want to do. I know what I'm going to use, the pictures it
will include, the colours, the theme. I have it all in my
head, but that's no good. I need PICTURES!
I've looked everywhere that I can for pictures of a green
and purple striped circus tent, but I can't find anything.
Then I'm going to have a fairy in the ring, with Jack from
The Nightmare Before Christmas as the ring master...but
guess what! No pictures of him in the right position!!!

Oh well, I imagine if I just take all the pictures I can
find which I need in, with ideas in my head it should be
fine. Hopefully

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