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2001-05-22 21:18:43 (UTC)

another day...

well when i got to school this morning, all i saw was
well.. some people i didn't really want to see. all over
each other if ya know what i mean. arms around each other
and kissy. it was a bunch of crap. i really didn't need to
see it. it happened to be the guy that was supposed to take
me to prom. and his ex-girlfriend, who he said he never
wanted to be with again. yeha right. guys are so evil. so
after 3 years of waiting for this guy, 3 years of hurt, i'm
giving up. at least i'm telling myself that. i've been hurt
and lied to too much, and i'm wasting my time. i'm just
going to ignore him for a while and disappear. if he wants
to talk to me, he can come to me, because i'm sick and
tired of being at his beckon call. and that's all i have to
say. (i needed to get that out, sorry.)

Otherwise my day was alright. I got my permit last night.
well i signed up for it, filled out all the info. they send
them to the school then we don't get them until driver's ed
starts. but it's cool. thursday i get my hair permed, i'm
excited. this weekend is my cousin's graduation open house
so i'm going there, and we're camping at my aunt's. i
really am not fond of camping, but i'm going to make the
best of it. hope everybody else has a good weekend!


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