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2002-04-07 07:38:19 (UTC)

these last few days have been killer on my nerves

argh such stress the last few days!!! I almost broke up
with him on Thursday cuz he was being such a fucking moron
when he was drunk... I don't even wanna write about what he
did cuz it's so fucking embarassing to ME that I wont... he
didn't do anything even directly involving me but it's
something so DUMB that were I not dating him I would decide
on the spot that I wouldn't ever date him. :P Guys are such
losers sometimes.
I dunno and now i've pretty much stopped worrying about
that stuff that happened on thursday cuz his friend is kind
of i dunno... a whore... and hits on him all the time, in
front of me, and I don't know if he realizes what's going
on or not... or if he just thinks she's kidding around or
something... I think yesterday he sorta started getting it
because whenever she came around (she's always
standing/dancing right next to him, when she talks to him
she's gotta be super close, she slaps his ass all the
fucking time...) he'd grab on to me, either hold my hand or
put his arms around my waist or SOMETHING... so maybe he
realizes now... THEN (she was really HAMMERED when she did
this) she actually lifted up her skirt and showed him her
panties!!! For chirst's sake I would NEVER EVER get that
drunk... I mean to do something like that you kinda have to
be a slut to begin with I think anyways.... so yeah that
kinda sucked... then he went out tonight and she was gonna
be there... i had to go somewhere else tonight so I was
freaking out all night about what was going on... I mean, I
totally trust him as far as like cheating goes and stuff
like that but if that's what she does when im AROUND... I
don't dare even imagine what she'd do when I'm not there!!!
Yikes and it's not like I can even say anything to him
about it cuz they're friends and everything. whore. At
least she's not psycho like that ex....

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