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2002-04-07 07:37:38 (UTC)

ah the theater- gotta love it...

ah the theater- gotta love it.

got back from there a little bit ago, and let me say- it
was one of my more interesting nights.
did i mention all the seniors were giving out awards
tonight? and i showed pretty much the whole cast/crew part
of my underwear? on purpose?
yes children, it was definately one of my more interesting

allow me to start with the show- it wasn't too bad, but it
was the worst one we've done with the normal cast.
during intermission, gothie and i seriously broke tom
(temporarily, but seriously none the less) leaving him with
a red stomach from so much tickling. he was pinned down by
two girls and having is bare stomach tickled mercilessly,
he liked it. said so himself too... when he could finally
breathe. }:)
during the show i managed to lose 6 blank senior awards.
first three were taken, and i have absolutely no idea what
happened to the other three. I got my awards written
anyway. two were ghetto, but hey, they were written.
i actually GOT two awards too. "Expensive Underwear Award"
and "Mosquito Sex Award"- yes i will explain. EUA- not too
much to explain there actually. I accidently flashed about
half my booty at ziggy when gothie and fluffy tried to pick
me up. gothie picked up my leg at a bad angle and these
pants are kinda low cut at the waist. (but they're SHINY...
sort of...) Someone yelled for a demonstration- so for some
strange reason, i flashed a large part of my hip to
everyone. MSA- oiy... when my name is translated into
syllables, then those syllables into japanese, it comes out
to 'mosquito sex'. gothie got bored one day.

on top of all that- i come home to find one of my internet
buddies online. he informs me of a game that normally
sucks, but if played with commentary from gutter-trashed
thoughts and refrences is rather interesting. almost makes
me want to rent a gamecube. almost.

-re-arrange 'about me'? (vinyl pic?)
-u/l other scritches (need gothie 2 scan 1st)

gonna putz around now.