Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2002-04-07 06:37:11 (UTC)

April 7, 2002: I'm Back

Well I just got home today from spring break in New Mexico.
I took a nap (I was so tired) I still have a headache and I
can't find any Advil and I'm too lazy right now to go out
and get some. The trip deffinately had a big effect on me,
much more than I let out to all my friends at least. See it
was our band trip (we only played once out of the 8 days so
it's a pretty good deal.) so almost my whole section was
there, and a few of my fellow "band geek" friends. On the
bus we were playing the "Brutally Honest Game." It's when
you tell a person exactly how you feel about them. (It
deffinately wasn't the best game to play after being on a
couch bus for 30 hours straight) Well, Erin she said the I
was close minded( because I tend to "diss" her music. She's
more into punk/rock. And as you know I like
pop/punk/hiphop. So that's not truely valid.), shallow
(Just because I have a list of personality traits of what I
look for in a guy. But I just want my first real boyfriend
to be special just like my first kiss.), stuck up (Actually
Jason threw this one in but Erin was in agreement. He said
that because I tend to not open up easily it makes me seem
snobbish. But Lori was on my side and was like it's just
shyness.), and obsessive (Just because I really like
*Nsync). I don't know I guess the one thing that really
bothered me was that I was really nice to them when it was
my turn to say what I thought about them.

I'm also pissed off at Jessy 'cause she was moving in on
Aaron. I thought I was over him, but he's just (well I
really don't know. He's not that cute, or great or
anything.) him. At least I know for sure that I'm over
Jason. I don't really know about Kyle. I still like him but
after spending almost two weeks without contact I'm curious
on how he'll react. I think I might just go and tell him I
like him. It'll be really hard because I don't take
regection well, and almost like every other crush I fall
for guys I'm' friends with and I just don't want to wreak a
good thing. Maybe I should just keep quiet and at least
we'll still be friends after I get over him. Then there's
Tim. I know I still like him but while he has a girlfriend
there's really nothing I can do. I can wish that they break
up but I would never try to make them or something.

I was hoping that when I got back there would be snow so
that school would be cancled on Monday. I guess I still
have some time left to pray.

Rafting was really fun I was with 5 other guys so I didn't
have to paddle too hard with all the muscle on my team. I
deffinately would do it again (if TJ was there again too.).

Well G2G. JCya