2002-04-07 06:25:55 (UTC)

Claudia got laid.

I havent written in a while cus ive been very busy. my
family was here from indiana and i got to spend time with
shane and stuf. me and claudia took him and his friend
jordan downtown and this little badn at guineveres played
ani=) =) =)

i wont forget this time.
he made me want to puke last night.
i wasnt even sad i was just disgusted and angry.
And I promised Caroline and Claudia my first 2 born
children if I ever see him again.
So im not going to even though nobody believes me... i
really am sick of him.
i think i need to get some help actually. cus my thoughts
have not been normal.
and today, i was so weird. i worked all day, then i came
home and slept. I NEVER sleep during the day, i hardly
ever sleep at all, but NEVER during the day and i did it
the other day too, i slept from when i got home from school
til i went to school the next day. and i never do that. i
also never go anywhere alone and dawn had called to see if
i wanted to go to guineveres, and i was like no i dont think so i
went instead to borders for 3 hours by myself. it was really nice i
read a lot and bought a couple new books. im really tired. ive been
sleeping in the day and going places alone and its bizarre of me.

that was last night but then caroline and stupid sarah and people got
here so i stopped. claudias chick is pretty nice, i dont think
she'll fuck her over and i think she'll make her happy and thats
good. so far i approve.
i feel weird today. like every time i stand up i get really dizzy
and nauseous and im exhausted feeling. i would have stayed in bed
all day except friday night at matthews show christina said we should
go get coffee today and so i finally got out of bed and called her
and we went to starbucks for like 4 hours and talked. shes really
cool. i like her a lot. and shes leaving july 11. and she doesnt
like girls. i dont think. so. yeay claudia baked cookies=) thats
exciting. im spending the night cus her parents are out of town. its
very domestic. i cant wait to move out and listen to my music and
smoke in my own house and stuf just be alone. my moms being dumb
about south carolina. in 2 1/2 weeks. ughh. and shes starting to be
dumb about me moving out. ugghh.
i chilled with caroline last night again
i wont call him
i wont call him
i dont need him..
everythings fine. it is fine. i dont need him. im feeling very
inspired lately. i want to put together a comprehensive collection
of my thoughts and stuf. a new project. im guna go write carolines
email and write christinas letter and probably go to sleep.