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2002-04-07 02:09:29 (UTC)

I defeat some enemies - pets deserv respect

Saturday night after a rain. I reply to some false friend that
asked some thing about the pet dog of my street. She and
her boyfriend did not like it. But I just replied the question
made about the pet dog. It was a poetic revenge. Because some
friend can not help my neighbour to fix the owen. He was so
occupied hanging out with his friends. And just get angry when
I asked about his help. Revenge was when I replied in same
innocent coin to that false friend. Her boyfriend acted he did
not like. But he was so occupied hanging out of friends.
He just last so much to give me a lesson. That he went away
with his friends and girlfriend out of my town. False friends
are enemies in disguise.
I told to some friend to do not let her mommy go away. I told
him to help her to find a job. He can not help her with money
but could help her to get support. I told him a mommy ever
pays because mine helped when I gave up. I thought I ended my
path last year.
I have a dinner with my neighbour again. Her daughter learnt
to speak. In streets she guiled to do not apreciate my company
so much. It is not unfair because most people of my home town
likes to make rumours. They envy friends instead of really
I dream about sea anemonas and other polipos. I know it means
some kind of fight. I dream I was carrying Carol boyfriend.
And a forest of eucaliptus. He is ever in trouble. I visited
Carol and ask her about what she will do later. She was giving
bath to her nephew. She makes things similar to mine. We live
for love but in paralel lifes.
Tomorrow a better day. I will go back to business using motivation
to help friends better than making examples. I am using my
experience and sense of justice.