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2002-04-07 04:39:12 (UTC)

Home is what you make it

Wow it has been a long time since I have written, I have
had realy no clue what to write about. I saw the movie
National Lampoons Van Willider, and I loved it. Its so
weird a movie like this would affect me but it did. Its
because the guy in the movie had so much confidence it was
great. Afterwards we all were just hanging out and I was
copletly open and confident, it was great, and I was
actualy commented on by my friends saying it was an
improvement. See the thing is, im this awesome guy to be
around when im happy, and just confident, but when im not
which is what I am a lot, its not cool. I dont want that to
sound like braging but im so much better to be around and
most people agree. I realized that peoples biggest enemy is
what gets them down, eveyone has a side to them that is
wonderful but that most dont see, and I want people to see
mine, even tonight with the little incident that would have
normaly gotten me realy upset, I was ok, cause I was
determined to not be put down, and im still walking on
clouds, lol, this is realy great, feeling like this, im so
happy, I realized I have to stay here, becasue right now im
not happy living here, and you cant expect to be happy
somewhere else is you come from being unhappy, if that
makes any sense, so home is what you make it, and im gonna
make it a good one

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