A look inside my head
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2002-04-07 04:04:51 (UTC)

Boring Day....

I woke up today after a dream that I had gotten called to
Mrs. Piver's office and she said that Pa had died, and then
I broke down sobbing and was hysterically sobbing as I
walked into homeroom, and Mr. O'Connor asked if I wanted to
talk about it when I was done sobbing. It was quite
disturbing. Now all I think about is what if I wake up one
morning and he doesn't. It's a scary thought, but it feels
good to talk about it. I know my mom's going to be
devestated when his time comes, but I have an inclination
that he's going to live to his 80's, which would be so
awesome. I just don't want to be in the same place when it
happens, because I would be scarred for life. I hope Mimi
stops being so bitchy too, because I think it's bad for her
health. I think she would be a lot better off if she didn't
stress out over the smallest details. I think she has high
blood pressure.
I saw Spencer today. He is so gorgeous.... And he even
spoke to me, which something to be very happy about! And
even more happier is we held sort of a mini-conversation.
It was real cool. real cool... I think I have found my
karma. I mean, I've come to terms with myself, thinking I'm
a beautiful person, and having a good aura. I think Debby
and Grandma Ginny are rubbing off on me. :-D
I can't wait until we go to vegas! I think Mimi and I will
have a good time together, because she'll be able to show
me around to all the good places. Oh how fun