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2001-05-22 20:10:58 (UTC)

I did it! And Im still alive....

So today I had to do my Pride Project. Well, you know how
outgoing I am, and how well I handle myself in front of
crowds.......but I actually did ok, even thought Ms.
Pincomb didnt like my video and I saw her give me all 1's
(lowest grade). But this was my accomplishment, so fuck
her. I had a great time. Terry and I were goofing off,
eating Lime Salt and she gave me this thing from Las Vegas.
A pen and a licence plate that says SASSY and has the green
M&M on it. neato huh? We truly are made for each other.
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, I know that will be the ending of our
story. The only thing that freiks me out about her is how
shes a Johovas Witness...I mean that religion is so wierd.
I wish she werent part of it (no offense to anyone in the
Anywho, Jade wasnt there, so it was great. AND that is the
Well my summer plans are this...
1. Catch up on TRL
2. Get in shape for high school
3. Get a job...I think I will babysit Katie if Susan needs
a sitter. I hope she does

And I have some news about Spencer, but I am trying to set
Seth up w/ this girl he likes (the things i do for him!)
[and I wonder if I do it cuz hes Craigs brother....]
so I g2g. I'll tell u in a bit. buh bye, ~*Lily*~ (^^)