Watashi no Sekai
2002-04-07 03:26:21 (UTC)

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The other day, it was the creepiest thing! I sat down in my
room all alone, but I could have sworn I heard his voice!
It was all around the room, and he was whispering to me! HE
said something about how he'd gone to a high priestess, and
asked her for the power to travel into shadows. He said
that, I had ignored him, and so,he would make it so that I
never ignored him again! I started yelling "whose there
whose there" But no one was home, and who else could know
about that? I called my boyfriend, and he told me to calm
down, maybe it was the tv in the other room. Maybe he was
right, I mean, the other TV's were on. And that sort of
this would never happen, but I can FEEL him. I can hear his
breathing sometimes, it's crazy. I must be going crazy. I,
I don't like being alone anymore. I'm scared alot of the
time. I have to go.