My small life
2001-05-22 19:56:33 (UTC)

May 22nd: Unemployed and unhappy

Well this is great. I'm at and all time low. I lost my
job and things with my boyfriend are not better. I have
been back 3 days and we are back to our old stupid
arguments. I fell like such a loser you have no idea. I
had this great job and I thought I was finally gonna be
somebody and now its worse I am an unemployed nobody. I
can never do anything right it's pathetic. Look at me and
Jeff. I never do anything right with him either. Its
getting to the point where I don't want to make any efforts
just to prevent from failing. I figure who cares only 60
years left till I die right. I will not kill myself
because I will probably fail at that too. I am fat, ugly,
unemployed, a no good girlfriend, I talk too much and don't
listen enough, I have no friends and I failed at everything
I have ever done..... Great life, great person. A real
addition to society aren't I?