2002-04-07 02:44:37 (UTC)

Break through Idea...

I have a break through Idea!

(Also I wrote almost a page and got kicked off so to save
time, here's my time saving caveman talk idea:)

I no go to California. I maybe stay in Chicago. Go to
Colombia. (good acting school) In order to have fun, I go
with Teresa on road trip. Visit Cali boys, and Kayne. Kayne
good to visit cause he make me nervous in a safe way when I
need to overcome that fear before I enter the world. So
that way I can have some fun and still live in the same
town, without the fear of going totally out on my own in
the world automatically. Before I make any decisions I
gotta check with my friend what she thought that reading
meant. (Tarot) Is it that, if I move to Cali (or just out
of state) my Theatre Career will be more successful, and my
Art career less successful in Chicago. But what if I stay
in Chicago? Should I then purue an Art carrer? Will it then
work out better then? I really gotta ask my friend.

I think I was gonna write more but I forgot. Oh well.