the life of me
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2002-04-07 02:41:10 (UTC)


funny how i can remember exactly where i was at this time
last year isn't it. i was at the freshman-senior vespers. i
sang at that vespers. i can't remember what i sang, but i
did sing :). lol. i remember that afterwards katie and a
bunch of other senior girls made me sing after the vespers
was over. that night we heard kristen, lisa cho, steve
rathal, and brandon herman speak. two freshmen... two
seniors. it was great. plus it was the second day of my
relationhip w/ domi. i've talked to russ since the last
time i wrote in here. i emailed him yesterday givin him the
scoop on what's been happening. ya know, w/ me and domi and
all that. he's so awesome about all this. i know i told you
that before. but he seriously is the only one who's being
supportive. i have to make sure that if domi and i get into
anything that i don't ditch russ. i always seem to do that,
but i can't. he's my best friend and he's just as
important. i know he understands if i DO ditch him... but
i'd be mad if he did it... so i'm gonna do my best not to
this time. :) i spent all day w/ jackson yesterday. it was
so much fun. we worked on The Mirror until about 3, then
went over to justin ocampo's w/ jp and watched "freestyle
fridays" on BET (jackson and jp call it "black people
television" hehehe). it was cool, they had this showdown
between this black dude and this chinese guy. they both had
to make up a freestyle rap and whosever's was the best won.
well, this chinese dude's won 7 weeks straight and he won
again yesterday. it was funny cuz like, they were all
dissing each other and stuff. hehehe "don't be mad cuz a
chinese guy's dressed better than you." hehehe (that's one
of the chinese guy's lines). yea, then we went to carl's
jr. and jackson bought me lunch (i had no money). then we
went n' got his car washed. then i went to his house and
ate dinner. then we went to first service. it was pretty
cool. we went to the filipino church today after 202
(jackson, darrell, and i). i always feel so very white
there!!! and get this... RUSS WASN'T THERE!! oh that boy's
gonna get it when i talk to him! :) it's cool though, i
just would've like to've seen him. it's weird. i don't like
him, but i LOVE to be around him. i just get this feeling.
but it's not like lust or anything. just an all around good
feeling. i hate saying it cuz it really sounds like i do
like him. and maybe i do. i think it's one of those things
i'll always wish for and wonder about, but never really
actively care about. he's russy, i'm lynsey. we are who we
are and that's all that we are. we're best friends. but
everyone says we'd make the perfect couple. i think so
too... but i also think we've both gotta grow up some
before we're ready for a relationship that would be that
perfect. i sound like such a slut right now i'm sure. i
like my ex, but my best friend still sounds good! HA!
that's not it at all. i really really like domi. and i
wanna give him all my heart, but russ is one of those
people i'll always carry a torch for. and that's not wrong.
it's natural. everyone has secret crushes that they just
choose to ignore, right?! i think so anyways. ok so i'll
write later. i've written to much already. much love. and

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