Trevors Personal diary
2001-05-22 19:38:21 (UTC)

My first entry

My name is Trevor James Wilson. This is my first enery so
I will exsplain alittle about myself. Well, im 10 years
old and in the fourth grade. I live in columbia,
Maryland. I am happy here but we are going to move next
month or so. So my gender is male. My eye color is brown
and my hair color is brownish blond. I have this journal
or diary or whatever you want to call it so I can write my
personal and private thoughts in. I have a lake in my back
yard. I live in a big town house. My friends are Josh,
Jenna, Kelly, and chrisine and two more in this neiborhood
named chealsy and emily but they arent that clos to me
because I barly ever get ot see them. I will exsplain
alittle about my friends. Well josh is my bestes friend in
the world and me and him always will be bff. Jenna is my
secound firend I known since I moves here. Kelly is my
first. And das for christine is my last one I known since
i moved here. And as for me, as I will exsplain myself is,
nice, funny, and cool. So im going to go now and thats the
end of my first entry.