a freak with a heart
2002-04-06 23:41:51 (UTC)

Long time no see

well i know it's been a long time since i've wrote anything
but i've had a lot going on and kinda lost my ways for a
while but im back now and i am ready to pen up again to
everyone. it's weird for some reason i just felt the need
not to write and keep everything inside but for no real
reason.....so i would like to appologize to everyone who
does read my diary, expecally to my boyfriend who you all
know....i love you baby. im sorry i haven't been writing
and i know you have been wanting my to soooo i am.

ok lets get started.....whats new.....

oooooh guess what my baby came back to see me again and
this time he is staying for over a week....aaahhh im in
heaven, lol. i love him so much and any time i get to spend
with him is heaven to me.

i know mostly all my entery's have been kinda depressing
and sad but thats for the most part my life. so for a
change im gonna write about something happy... ok come on
guess what it's gonna be about....the only damn happy thing
in my life! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. oh come on you knew what i
was talking about.
Jeremy my boyfriend is hear with me. Did i mention how
much i love him yet. oh and get this lol we went out on our
second date on friday! and we've been together almost 8
months lol, kinda sad huh. Oh come on you all know my story
and how we hardly get to see each other, so when he is up
we mostly just stay at home and hold each there or spend
most of the day in bed or just do nothing but together
nothing is even more fun!!!! we've had a few bad stop
during the time he's been up here but nothing big at all
and nothing that we haven't fixed. But he's going home
tomorrow and it makes y want to cry my eyes out :o( i love
him so much and i am going to miss him. Miss his kisses,
he;s hugs, him tickeling me, him holding me, laughing with
me, touching me, loving me. AAAAAAAHHHH im gonna mis him. i
have to go but i'll finish later.