Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-22 18:51:10 (UTC)

*Amy: quite attitudinal*

hmm..... today was just...... not good! Not really for any
one reason, but i was sooo tired. In english we got our
dialectial notebooks back and graded.... i got an A, and
mrs. thompson said to me... really nice work Amy, you did a
great job. Now, she says these things to me a lot and i
feel bad, i really do! Why you may ask? Its because i
dont try! I just write down a bunch of crap and i get good
grades. We had 2 weeks to do the notebook and i did the
night before. If only i wasnt so lazy... imagine what i
could do... maybe even have a hope of getting into vet
school. Lazy lazy lazy.... well iv got forensics tonight
but alicia isnt gonna be there... she has cheerleading
tryouts for next fall. If anything happens i'll have to
write about it tomorrow because my mom says no computer
tonight.... ahh that horrid bitch... because i was
being "nasty to her" on the phone. Umm, sorry if i dont
want to talk to you, but thats just the way it is....
ahh.... PEOPLE!