Zuri Kemp
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2001-05-22 18:43:14 (UTC)


Second day on the job...George lost his green book, so our
assignment specifications were delayed somewhat.
However, George gave me some supposed gopher work, but I am
looking forward to it...I love hands-on work...I used to
love those oil-rig trips, but whatever...
Anyhow, I'll be "tracing" cables, or maybe I should say
outlining their lives...
George explained that he wants me document the existence of
each cable in accordance with Art's classification system.
For example:

a. System: ITM-PRM
b. Jack: Q01-04
c. Port: A
d. Switch: Catalyst A
e. Card: 3
f. Port: 6

It all appears to be very interesting. I love that room
(has all the servers and firewalls and stuff).

For personal reading pleasure, I read some information
about NetMetrix online (case studies, etc) and skimmed
through HP's OpenView Network Node Manager. George just
dropped a CCNP Switching Study Guide that I will begin
scanning pronto.