* Bad, Rad, Crazy and Drunk *
2000-12-19 00:07:44 (UTC)

Well, This is my first time on..

Well, This is my first time on this site and my first entry
in this diary.
My name is _ashlee_ and I am 13 years old. I live in Nueva
York (and as you can see I am in Spanish I) I am in love at
the moment, and plan to be for a long time. My boy's name
is ken but we'll just call him my boy... I am in 8th grade
and I am acutally a pretty good student.. although right
now is not the best time to be saying that becoz we are
working on a (BIG) project so I havent really had much time
to study for tests. The project we are doin is sooooo hard.
It is for our marking period grade... the final grade. So
I'm trying to concentrate on that AND my homework and
tests.. Its quite hard.

Well, I have light brown hair about to my shoulders and I
need to get it cut becoz i have major split ends. not good.
I have blueish/greyish/purpleish eyes and I am bout 5'5". I
am not very athletic. But i do cheerleading and stuff so I
am in good shape.. I have glasses and braces.. I know your
thinking GEEK!.. but its not that bad. I get my braces off
soon and I get contacts for my bday in febuary anyway.

I guess I should warn you about some obsessions.. I have...
Well.. I love dolphins but I dont really talk about them
much. I talk about goats all the time.. LOL I LOVE them..
When i get older I am getting a goat and naming it Edgar..
hehe.. I think its cute. There is 2 obsessions that arent
really hard to explian.. but you'll prolly hear enuf about
em.. Joey Gordon-levitt from 3rd Rock, and Sean Hayes from
Will & Grace. I love them both (as celebs) soooooooo much.

I am into writing alot.. writing and music mostly.. But I'm
not some deep person that like makes you depressed and
stuff.. But I'm also not shallow.. I have depth.. but not
to much.. I like all the "deep" stuff, I read all that
"deep" poetry and all that, I am a hopeless romantic, but I
also like to be a "shallow" normal gurl. I love fashion.
Hell, if i could draw good I'd prolly be drawing clothes
designs instead of this.. I like to hang out with my gurls
and ya know, be crazy.. But I guess it depends on my mood.

Well, this seems really boring, and I am usually more crazy
and hyper than this,(like my name..hehe) , I usualy dont
sound so "grown up" lol.. I dunno.. I guess its my mood.
I'm not in a bad mood. I acutaly in a good mood. Im just
not hyper.

Well I'll stop boring you. maybe my next entry will be more
intresting. :)