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2002-04-06 20:26:55 (UTC)

The Day after friday

So it's saturday and Im sitting in my dorm roomwith nothing
to do. I even went to bed early last night. What the hell is
wrong with me??? I just got back from watching the Berg
baseball team. Amazingly enough they suck but somehow were
in the lead when I left. I wouldn't ha left but it was
freezing there and I had no one to warm me up ( that's your
cue boys)!!! So I think there is a party tonight in which I
meet attend heheheheh! Now we allknow what that means. We
has a recruit last night. Her name was Callie Ryan. She was
really cool. Ashley was suppose to come up this weekend but
had a soccer game today but it got cancelled anyways and now
we are both pissed. I feel so poor. I cant even afford a
pop. I have $7 to my name and I have to save it to go to
Dayton next week. My roommate is gone for the weekend.
Imagine that the one thing Well thats enough for today maybe I
will writing some when I get back from the party andyou can
see what kind of things I'll type when Im drunk!!!