Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2002-04-06 19:52:21 (UTC)

One move out and another move in

It seems to be have in some strange way, somwhere in my childhood I have adopted a small of child malester. Have been hanging to my apron string. Transferring themselves back and forward, they seem to think some of these childern I come in contact with from day to day, are my relatives in some way. I think I'm being Investigated for prostitution, though I am not a prostitute.

Tha Tom Luke lookalike leave and tha little ignorant ass midget moves in. This boys father has said that they are holding hostage against one another. He keeps telling me to keep him off that corner. But at tha same time they don't want me nowhere close to him.

While they are creating this cofusion, my little collect pets and prevs, have masturbated their way to tha conception. Of visualizing this boy and myself engage in intercourse. They have decided to work it like this, they'll be with for while, then me. Then, they test tha water and triies to get us together.

I have report this whole incident to tha police. It seem to be get looked over. After I turned seventeen, I always knew what they were waiting on. They were waiting for someone else to come of age. (pubic stage actually). They want to one of my relatives to take each others virginity.

I will always been a virgin, I didn't know that tha work was like this, noone deserves virginity. I am not my mother, father, sister, bother, aunt, uncle, or cousin. I am 30 year old me. Oh yeah, I admire tha little pack, I wish I was his age. I was born before my time, him, technology, fashion, and opportunity. Yeah, I was born way before my time.