the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-04-06 19:20:43 (UTC)

...Got This From A Fwd. Message...

12 things that annoy you
1. Being the youngest of just about all my friends
2. When my parents pretend to care, but just end up pissing
me off
3. Curfews
4. My parents
5. When I'm trying to rent a movie, but it's not in the
6. People who treat me like I'm four years old
7. People who just repeat themselves over and over
8. People who can't do anything by themselves
9. People who are obviously pretending to care or who think I care
10. People who are fake
11. People that can't take a hint
12. People, in general ("wandering this house like i never wanted out
and this is about as social as i get now" -- DC)

11 people you'd want to stay alive (in random order)
1. Sarah
2. Ben
3. Jessica (both)
4. Rachel
5. Svetlana
6. Matt
7. Tammi
8. Allie
9. James
10. Josh
11. Ethan

10 things you'd like to change about yourself
1. My public-speaking problem
2. My nervousness
3. My hands (ugh i hate them)
4. My tendency to get paranoid
5. My tendency to overanalyze most things
6. My obsession with music, which totally gets in the way
of everything
7. My attention span (make it looonger)
8. My apathy
9. My handwriting (weird, I know, but whatever)
10. My feet
11. My hair!!!

9 things you wear daily (well, almost daily)
1. socks
2. shoes
3. glasses
4. lipgloss
5. pants
6. as tammi sez, "my underbottoms"
7. a shirt
8. my sweatshirt
9. jewelry

8 movies you'd watch over and over
1. dead poet's society
2. pearl harbor ("it's a dud! it's a dud! it's a-" BOOM)
3. girl, interrupted
4. vertical limit (i love that movie!!!)
5. roman holiday
6. dirty dancing
7. top gun
8. virgin suicides

7 concerts you've been to
1. batteries not included (haha)
2. yeah...that's it...but i'm gonna try to get tix to see
the who at the beach when they start selling

6 objects you touch every day
1. keyboard, mouse, etc.
2. remote
3. phone
4. light switch
5. pillow, covers, etc.
6. i guess another person?

5 things you do every day
1. go online
2. talk on the phone
3. get into a fight with one of my parents
4. talk to my cat
5. listen to Music

4 foods that you couldn't live without
1. pizza
2. bagels
3. chocolate
4. grilled asparagus :)

3 of your favorite songs (damn, just 3?)
1. "I Am Cow" Arrogant Worms
2. "Perfect" Simple Plan
3. "Anyone Anyone" OR "Saints and Sailors" Dashboard Confessional

2 people that have influenced your life the most
1. musicians
2. Sarah

1 thing you could spend the rest of your life with
1. my computer haha