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2002-04-06 18:55:54 (UTC)


So I got up at 7:45am to get my car fixed like a good
little girl. And what happens oh, there's more shit that
might need to be fixed immediatly, uggg.....I can't take
much more of this car shit. So anyhow I have a fixed
muffler and I have to do some "car tests" later when I take
my car out again. Ash, Rach and I just walked to our apt.
for next year, it's going to be so fun I can't wait! The
stompdown is tonight I'm so excited I get to go!!!! I've
been wanting to go for the last 2 years and I thought I
wasn't going to get to go this year but I DO, YESH!!

Strange: A single deer was in this protected nature
center, just one and it was very people friendly.....???

In Ashley's words: Some shits going to go down tonight....

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