The lost little girl
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2002-04-06 17:25:51 (UTC)

nice day, yet still boring...(?)

last night i didn't end up going to see that movie with
crystal. i ended up just hanging out with Aar. deffinately a
night for sad movies though, i just kept cryin' and felt
pretty stupid in the process.yeah yeah, big surprise, i
It's a completely beautiful day out right now and i am
sitting infront of my computer...this sucks. i should be out
doing something on this type of day. arrghh....i'm gonna get
fuckin' cabin fever or some shit. anyway..i don't have much
else to write so i'm just gonna head out now...ttyl doll-

daily quote:
"What did i ever do to deserve you?"-Keenan
"usually that line is screamed at me by someone running out
the door, not by someone standing in front of me and
staying.it makes for a nice change."-Joan
-"Playing by heart"