SuGaR RuSh
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2002-04-06 16:37:04 (UTC)

are we havin fun yett...?

hello all...yesterday was pretty blah..2 per i said sumthin
2 lisa and she was like "i didnt tell any1" YA RITEE!...and
her face got all red n shit...lordy i hate that
beast...hmm...i got a p'zone yesterday..soo yummy...every1
left 4 the band trip last nite...lordy like every1's
gone..i didnt relize how many friends i have who r band
dorks lolol..i called don after skool...he is a very funny
kid...lolol...hmm...i went 2 brits last nite 2...that was
just tooooooo funny...i climbed threw the window lololol
hmm..i wanna watch a scary n erin got back 2
gether :) lol lalalla 2 day is gunna b sooooooooooo boring
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!and thars NO1 online...i started 2
write out my bday list...and im not gunna get n e of it...
its all cd's 2...lets c what i want.......lennon
cd...american doubt.... 2 planet fanet
cd's....sugarcult...hmm...i think thats it 4 now.....oh ya
and the incubus cd but my bf said she was gettin me dat...i
need 2 go give my list 2 mother now..lolol dude i just
relized i put sooooo here
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH its in like every fuckin OMG
and yesterday i was swearing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much i
was gunna put soap in my mouth lolol well..hmm...i entered
a contest 2 win a car...lololol im not gunna win...lalala
my bday is in 12 days wooooohooooiess and 14 till the
*nsync concert and and andddddd omg busta died :( :( and
bert siad sumthin bout is goin 2 thar hotel and like these
gurls r stayin thar so we will chill w/ them..? i dunno as
long as i try n meet em...i have a shitload of hw this
weekend...hmm.. thats enough..~i wonder if n e 1 acually
reads this besides bert n mmber..?!! im out


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