My Teenage Life
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2001-05-22 13:17:12 (UTC)

I'm booorrrred

As it says in the title, I'm bored, so im writing this.

Firstly, just wanna say a big GRRRRR - I'm jealous of u, to
my new friend from manchester who i started talking to last
night. He's really nice buuuuuuut...he's met the Offspring,
Muse, Green Day, Feeder, Linkin Park, Papa Roach and..wait
for this....DAVE GROHL!!!!!!! aaagggghhhhh!!!!!! He's also
met a loada other ppl i dont care in the least about but
grrrrrr I NEED to meet Dave Grohl, and the way he so
casually went "have u met him yet?" lol i was like "NO!!!"
But on the bright side, he sed that sum bands remember ppl,
and linkin park and a few others remember him so he sed i
can go to a concert with him sumtime, to one which a band
knows him, and he'll get me in free on the guest list.
pretty cool huh?
It's just i dont think dave grohl remembers him :( dammit
Then again, if i met Dave Grohl, i'd probably make a total
show of myself I;d b all "uhh..uhh...ermm.." and then say
something totally dumb like "um...wow, ur a genius, i love
lol :) he'd b like "hmmm....o....k.."
Or even worse "Ummm...i love you"
omg i'd be cringing like mad afterwards if i sed that lol

Well me mates Lou and Andy just knocked. Lou sed that this
lad in my class Malcolm, is gonna come round 2 mine to ask
me for my mate heather's address cos Lou wudnt give him it.
I sed to Lou "pok, ill give him it" and she went "Dont be
sly!!!!" lol dunno y she sed that, im even more determind
to give him it now. So if he doesnt come round ill just
make a point going over to him at our next exam and tell
him it anyway.

haha last night i messaged lou wen i cam online and he
didnt reply so i figured it'd be her bro (cos last week he
was on on her name at a time wen i didnt get an answer from
her) so i went "Lou, r u still going out with Mark?" her
brother knows Mark, who is a lad in my class, so i figured
if it was her bro, he cud laugh at lou for "going out" with
Mark, even tho she's not and they're just mates. Hehehe
But wen she knocked b4, i told her i did it and she sed it
was her anyway but it didnt say i was online so she didnt

God, Kev and Simon just knocked now too! Kev did the usual
and just stood there feeling me bum all the time, grrr at
that, i wish he'd just stop doin stuff like that :( all he
does is feel me bum or try and hold my hand, it's annoying.

Watched My Hero last night which is good cos i didnt see
last weeks. aaaahhh, Ardol O'Hanlon! He's so cute as that
character, George, and he's just cute anyway - and that
accent! wowwwwwwww
The episode did make me realise im a selfish person tho cos
George HAD to marry another woman from his home planet or
he'd get vapourised, he tried to get out of it but cudn't.
Then he told Janet, his gf on earth, that he cud get out of
it if they went away together and the ppl from his home
planet would never find him unless he used his magic
powers. She sed she couldnt let him do that, he had to use
his magical powers to save the world even if it meant he
had to marry the other woman.
That made me realise im selfish cos i wudn't be able to say
no, marry the other person wotever. If i really loved the
person i'd have to go away with them. God how selfish is it
tho!!! I must b a real bitch!

yay, we have a new microphone now - cool cos i aint had a
voice conversation online for aaaaages.
God, door again.

Was Kev and Simon - again. Asked me to go to simon's on
saturday night cos his mum's goin away and there'll b no1
in his house - i cant go tho cos ill be at me nans for the
weekend. aww it wudda been a laugh too, esp. cos Kev aint
Kev didnt get the chance to touch me then - WOOOOO!!
but wen simon asked me he went "ok thats all we wanted to
ask" and started walkin 2wards the gate then went "Unless
kev wants to stay and look at u for a bit"
and kev went "cos she's sexy?" and simon went "no" And kev
went "I think she's sexy" I was like ohhhh myyyy godddd go
away!!! then he went "im not seein that girl no more, so im
all single for u"
I went "well im not all single for u" and looked at him
smugly then told him it was back on with annraoi
u shudda seen the look on his face -
Then he went "god, it's on and off like a lightbulb!" with
obvious annoyance and then went "cya soon" and walked out
of my path lol haha

Oh yeh, i remembered the person who sent me feedback asking
wot 6th form was, also asked what 1st year is...It's just
the first year (it's called year 7 officially) in our high
school, kids are 11-12 in it.

I was annoyed last night cos me mum went online for hours
and i thought shed b off at about 10 so i thought yes, i
can talk 2 annraoi but nooooooooooo, she stayed on and i
knew he was on cos he texted me and asked if i was gonna
come online so i was gettin more and more annoyed at me mum
and then she came off at 23.40!!! I was well pissed off cos
i knew he'd have gone. So i just came on, then came on this
site and he;d sent me a feedback message and it was really
sweet :) so i was happy again :)
funny how like one little message can make u so happy :)
aww im so lucky to have him he's just the cutest, sweetest
person ever. :)

ooooo i have 2 go
i might edit this and add to it later
bye bye for now

nikki :o)