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2001-05-22 12:48:05 (UTC)

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind ...

I thank my friends for being so caring and I also thank
them when they advise me. But last night, there was
something Danny said really bothered my mind.

He & Vivi said that the main cause why I have never been
succesful in my relationships is because I never want to
change they way I think.

I have a principal that I never hide anything in front of
anyone and I never want to impress anyone so they will love
me more and will think that I am someone they are looking
for. I always think that if he really wants me and loves
me, let him take the way I am. I don't want to change
anyone just to please myself and I won't let anyone to
change me, too. I think that Danny and Vivi are right, but
I don't see myself doing something wrong here. I feel like
a hypocrite if I follow what they say and I'm proud the way
I am even though some narrow-minded can't accept it. They
don't like seeing a girl smoking in front of public, for
example, and most of my ex always hoped that I could make
the best impression when they 'showed' me off to their
friends & relatives. I couldn't fulfill their hope and
that's why they went away from me.

Maybe I'm too naive and I am stupid, because I'm too honest
to anyone. What people see me from the outside, that's what
they will see if they can see my inside or if they are able
read my mind. Some people take advantage from me easily,
the others might think that I am far away from being their
dream girl. If they think that way, they are also far away
from being my dream mate.

I hope all the people who only could take my good points
would realize one day that nobody's perfect. I can't be
perfect, too and I never hope them to be perfect either.

But they question is, are there still any man left out
there who can take me the way I am, who can take my bad and
good side at once?

" ... the answer is blowing in the wind ... "

May 22, 2001
7:35 PM GMT 7