down in my eyes
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2002-04-06 09:58:52 (UTC)

I could, but i shouldnt.

I finally talked to him, taday. My dearest OJ.
Shhh...don't tell. Oh, wait- OJ never reads my diary..

He's one of the most inspiring people i know. That's
one reason why he's my favorite person. One of, imean.
I really am gonna MISS him, soo much. Definately one
of the mooost. I know i say this alot,... but, i really am.
'N i'm leaving soon...
I don't think i could ever tell him how much, tho.
I could, but i really shouldnt. I cant find the words.
Besides, he wouldnt care if i did, anyway..

I keep reminiscing, about one particular conversation, back
afew months ago. He probably doesn't realize, but i really
remember everything he tells me. It's hard for me to concentrate-
I'm really not a concise person- but he's one of the few that really
knows how to make me focus. 'N he doesn't even hafta try to.
I don't think there's very many people who i can stand to talk to,
everyday, 'n about nothing. About nothing in particular, yet still learn
something new from, everytime. Even with the lack of times i've
seen him.. he's never judged me... which makes him even more special.
I dunno, but i think that's really something.

But.. that's why he's my dear OJ.

I could go on, but i shouldnt. I'm sleepy, neway.

"It calls my name...
To take the pain, Endure the rain... To rise above,
To take this love, 'N move ahead.."


Wow, Rudiger's good to sleep to. G'nite.