ahoy hoy
2002-04-06 09:39:10 (UTC)

Fetish Ball!

one word WOW! you would be surprised how freaky people can
get. i mean damm. my ex room mate wasnt that creative,
she came in plastic wrap.
oh i baby sat the cutest baby, i love babysitting 4
hours 40 bucks is great am definitly going to afford my b
day tattoo am so happy i was actually worried about not
having enoght cash to get it. am not sure if i wantto get
the tattoo or get my nipples pierced they are both tempting.
ahhhh decisions, decisions.
damm i havent gone to talk to the lady that i was
supposed to talk to. i dont want to. i cut my friend
Elaines hair that was fun.poor dear sheh has a term paper to
write. I really need to getoff campus and go get drunk this
weekend. I so deserve it. eww i hate
infomercials they are so stupid, but i always want to get
what they sell is really sad.
he he am turning my bath room into a steam room
hehehehe. its spa weekend. lol. damm i need to clean my
room i dont want to i dont want to :(. its no fun.

well this is sad. i have no idea what else to write.
hmmmm i guess it wasnt a pretty exiting day. interesting
night though. i need a drink so bad a nice good tequila
shot would be great right about now jimador or some good
cuervo, Rum is nice to0, were is the captain
when you need him? (lol)