It's my world, I let you live in it
2002-04-06 06:11:35 (UTC)

Crazy crazy day

Today was just a wild and crazy day. On my way to work the
truck stalled in a turn lane and I was stuck there until
some guy pulled up and helped me out! I was SOOOO glad he
pulled up because I had no idea what to do! But anyways,
Murphy from work came out and helped me get it to the
parking lot which was good. I was a litte late to work but
they survived! Ha ha. Oh and then Jason decided to come in
AGAIN with his stupid ugly girl and I could have died!
Whatever though. Brian from work told me the next time he
comes in, I'm his girlfriend! Ha ha. I like hanging out
with Brian. I gave him a ride home tonight after I stayed
after I clocked out for an hour to talk to him! Everyone
keeps asking us if we are gonna hook up or whatever.
Melinda asked us tonight if we were dating and I was like
NO! I don't know. He is younger than I am by a year, but
not like that really matters or anything. I think he's
really kool and he's not bad looking either. I want to ask
him if he wants to go to prom with me but it is only a week
away and I don't know if he can get a tux that soon or get
off work or whatever. I just don't know! AHHH! Murphy keeps
on messing with us and tells me to stop flirting with him
and everything, and I get all embarassed! Oh well. I had
fun tonigt because everyone there made it fun! I just have
a lot of sorting through my thoughts to do. If anyone has
any advice, I could use it!