The Schwank File
2002-04-06 04:18:49 (UTC)

Yippee, it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!


This week was very much hellish in many ways. First of all,
my headache is raging. I assumed a fetal position and
rocked myself in futile attempts at comfort multiple times
since last Saturday. Grr. Part that makes no sense with
any of the "headache theories": I was on break last
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, was under ZERO stress, and
would have otherwise been enjoying myself grandly. The
mystery continues.

Secondly, I had SOOOO much calculus homework, it was INSANE.
As in, over 5 hours, no contest. Hrmph. It is so not fun
to come back from the library at midnight only to study for
a Spanish exam until 2am, an exam that you end up doing icky
on because YOU STUDIED UNTIL 2AM!!!!!!! Yeah. You know
what else sucks? Melting ringstand clamps to test tubes and
having to start your chem experiment all over again.
Ughers. At least I pulled my best grade ever in chem on my
exam last week :o) And they said it couldn't be done...or,
I said it couldn't be done!

BUT, this week wasn't ALL bad. Last night, one of the
girls' dorms on campus, Welsh Family Hall, sponsored their
big event of the year: Welsh Family Feud. Yeah, I've
dreamed about being on Family Feud since I could first say
the words "survey says...." So, I played for the Pang
contingent. We managed to win our first game...then the
second game...and finally the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! Yeah, we
WON!!!!! Heehee. That allowed me and my four "family"
members to pocket a $25 Outback gift certificate each :o)
And, we were on the front page of the Observer (ND
newspaper) today. Yeah, good times, good times!

I also played catch on the quad today. This is my ultimate
source of pleasure in life. I heart baseball. Sighers! Yea
for my Yankees!

I'm tired and shall be retiring to my beddy shortly. I have
to do student managing for tennis tomorrow morning at
9:30. Woohoo! That should be fun. Then, it's a bio kinda
day :o) I love my biology! I am an official bio major now.
This makes me smile. Okeedokee, enough merriment. Time for

Nightnight, y'all!