Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-04-06 03:57:21 (UTC)


Stupid Russian Coffin Prayers. Lmao.

'I cannot save you, I cant even save myself...'

Yup, mom got drunk, just as I predicted. Shes a strange
little person.

Im confused. The kind of run-in-circles-slam-head-on-wall
confused. So I go and play guitar. Go figure. Lol. But
like, I miss my Daddy. I was watching some Disney thing,
Tru Confessions or somthing, and like, they had this part
about like, the dad that was never there and when he was he
was yelling at them... earlier today I was thinking, is it
better to have a dad that yells at you alot or no dad at
all? Like, he used to take us to work with him, at night,
and wed play and escape... that was the best time I can
remember with him. Its all crazy.

Yeah, granpa is sick. Suckfest. There is talk of my older
siblings coming down, gawsh i would bawl if they do. I
miss them. Almost as much as I miss my dad. Or matt. Or
mary, or will... *shuts up before I cry*

Yeah, Im homesick.

Have you ever just wanted to be held? ... Yeah...

Well, Im going to go now.

Love you matt, so much.

And you too marie and huggles.

ps- Im a sell out now. Lol. Check this ---