A day in the life....
2002-04-06 03:55:48 (UTC)

Poem by a friend


Gather it all
To put in a box
Wrap it with chains
And plenty of locks

Take it downstairs
And bury it deep
Under the ground
Forever to keep

And so it remains
All two stories under
But once in your dreams
It haunts and it plunders

Your ghostly past
Will remain always
And live with you
For all of your days

It's made its mark
Now you're scarred for life
The pain it brings
Will stab like a knife

And so forget chains
And forget your box
Bring out your keys
And undo the locks

It's pointless you see
To cover up the past
For what you hide from
Always finds you at last

So live with the pain
And take it in kind
Just how much you're hurt
Is all in your mind

Remember then
That physical things
Have naught to do
With crippling your wings

~Rebecca Goldenberg~

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