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2002-04-06 00:33:50 (UTC)

One more day in paradise - other friends where are they

Friday I met some friend. Really neighbour I helped to move
on. I ended day in a dinner in family. Her babe wanted to
hug me. I did not know how. I usually hug petcats.
Mel is there with those friends of her. I do not know if
they are really her friends. Or people that are atracted
by her sun. She is so strong and lovely. People wanted her
fierce not her love.
Carol I think she is confused. Now she is running to her
boyfriend. That one that lives in another path. She thinks
he is the only people she could have. Love is blind. Maybe
it is reason Mel does not like I hug her. She would see
me instead all those false friends.
Another day tomorrow. Maybe a better day for all my friends.
The dogs are near from building. The pets became a shadow
for my eyes. Every people could notice I am the strong real
hero in streets of my home town.