freezing the aura of a coyote
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2001-05-22 07:59:41 (UTC)


i'm glad i don't know trip anymore or i would not be able
to refrain from making fun of his name repetedly. and
he wouldnt care for that at all. he'd probably get upset
and go buy some new shoes then talk about what an
idiot i was.
i wish i could undulate rather than coming closer to
stumbling or just short of flying. i wish i knew someone
named frank. he would just pop up sometimes, tell a
tale. he would tell many of them i guess. maybe i'd hear
one or two a week. they would be of his misadventures
and tangles with the "man" and with the folks and with a
stagnant pool of water from which an invisible sticky
web habitually emerges to cause a bit of havoc.
i guess i am basing my prediction of his actions of his
second grade persona, but i knew him, man. we even
had the same birthday and if you dont know someone
with the same birthday as you, is nothing holy?
i could write again about the people who i know only
from a distance, but i will refrain. sometime perhaps,
but at this point it is nearly 4am and i am just not in the
mood for ficticious first hand accounts of any sort.

maybe i will utilize this when i am not here. somewhere
i am not so constantly "drained" and sick.

birds are outside now. they make noise. they make me
feel like i have stayed up to long. well. yes they got me.