out of reach
2002-04-06 03:27:21 (UTC)

and we all follow the sun

i went camping last night with a group of kids from antioch, about 12 in all. after the half mile hike up some trail dragging sleeping bags and other necessities we reached what may possibly be one of the most gorgeous spots on earth (at least on a clear night and probabaly at dusk). the stars were gorgeous and being that the majority of the group was from morris county and barely see a few stars when they look at their sky, they were truly amazed at their beauty. for once it made me feel grateful that i lived in sussex county and could enjoy the night sky every night. i should really start to cherish this since next year i won't be so lucky. but living near a city will only help me appreciate the beauty of clear nights even more.

anyway, camping was a lot of fun despite how cold it was. darrick built us a great fire that provided us with warmth, food, and entertainment. despite how terrible it probably is, the colors of flame you see from burning things that shouldn't be burned are beautiful. i saw a few shooting stars last night. though a few i think i might have imagined, but perhaps not. as always i made my cheesy wishes that often never come true but it made me happy anyway.

i woke up to see the sunrise, but in my impatience and exhaustion i accidentally fell asleep on the cold grass instead. when i woke up everybody was still sound asleep so i decided to hike further up the mountain. i found what would have been a perfect spot to watch the sun come up over the horizon, but it was all too late. yet i found that sitting there basking in the early rays of the sun made me so much warmer than my frost covered sleeping bag. i fell asleep up there too. then i woke up everyone else, came home, crawled into bed, and slept till 2:30.

the rest of my day was relatively normal and nothing i care to talk about. there wasn't really a point to my ramblings today, i just enjoy remembering beautiful things. i've had a marvelous spring break and i don't want it to end for i know the day i return to school i'll feel miserable and depressed. i wish erin were home right now. i could use a starbucks run.