U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-04-06 03:22:30 (UTC)

I wish he would tell me he loves me

I am soo confused, my friend sends me all these mixed
messages, he hints 24/7 that we shoudl be together, and he
is always all over me at partys, i catch him, literally
staring at me in school, like at lunch I'll be eating or
talking and he might be sitting at the end of the table or
at the table next to mines, and he is staring at me, like
stopped what he was doing and just stared. I would be a lil
creeped out.... but I'm secretly in luv w/ him too.hehe.
Like i don't wanna go out w/ him, not at would be
weird, u can't be best friends w/ someone, then start a
relationship. What do u do when it's over? But what I wish
most is that he would tell me he likes me. Like call me and
say. "i'm in love w/ u"lol I think I'd start crying, no If any guy would do something like that for me, i
don't know what I'd do.I don't get treated that way by
guys.... not at all, the best complitments I have ever
gotten are ur really hott, too bad ur not a slut, and nice
tits. Honestly. I never get treated like a girl, and i
guess it's cuz I am so tight w/ the guys, so like they
talk to me like I'm a dude w/ boobs, it's kinda weird. Like
i was getting dressed at my guy friends house for a party,
and i asked what I should wear, adn I was asking their
opinions, and everytime(there were like 3 other guys there
too) they'd say nonchalantly,"ur boobs look good" "I like
how tight it is around ur stomach", "u look hott", "I'd
hook up w/u" And if they were to say that to any other
girl, the girl would freak out and get pissed off. But i
just say ok, what ever. And in a way I guess i give the
impression that I don't really care. In other words, the
fact that I talk like a truckdriver, but they'd all fuck me
makes my situation w/ my guy friends really messed up. I
feel kinda used, becuz they always come to me when they
like some other girl, like hook me up, and most the time I
don't care I'm like hey.. as long as it's not me,lol.But
anyway, so back to the story. the possibilty of a
relationship between me and any of my guys friends is a big
no-no, and that kidna sux in a way. But I've learned my
lesson, never get too close w/ guys, becuz when u go out or
start to like each other. it gets weird. really weird, like
u can't be friends anymore, believe me, I know.
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