Pure, White and Cold
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2001-05-22 07:52:18 (UTC)

Days Flowing Away Like Water

Athletics carnival today... not that it matters, I never go to any
carnivals. School's so boring.

My exams are coming up, and I'm really worried about my maths but...
I just can't be bothered to catch up to the others. Mum's gonna get
soo angry if I don't do well in math.

I was going to go to Sally's house today to check out her new cat and
so she could see Slayer TRY but... something happened and she had to
go to school. I think its probably something about this Wai person.
She was all "It's personal, so I can't tell you - oh my God, I can't
believe he said that - yeah, so I'm really sorry...etc." COME ON! its
so obvious, I mean, half the school knows about her and Wai.

Anyway, I spent today playing Earthbound... its actually really cute.
The main hero's parents are strangely understanding i.e. "I
understand about the world needing saving and all, but you need your
rest... here - eat some and scoot up to bed. Don't worry, mothers
understand these things."

My FF6 snes file got stuffed!!! NOOOOOooooo!! I'm stuck permanently
at the burning house where you have to save Relm.

Finally managed to download the WISH music video, but my computer
doesn't have enough memory and it keeps on crashing. Damn, that music
is really annoying. I downloaded most of the TOKYO BABYLON songs from
sakurazukamori but I don't like Subaru's theme song... I love Val's
web designs.. they're all so ... techy and neat. I read WISH from
also a neat site.
Hmm... has X been finished yet?

My friend Nadia likes Fushigi Yuugi.... can't say I'm crazy 'bout it
like her, I just don't like the story line... as I always say, if
you're gonna die stay dead. What's the point of dying then?! So
that's why I like CLAMP better, the story might have alot of shounen
ai but at least if anyone dies, they don't come back as ghosts.

I think I've said enough of anime series now.

Uh... my favourite websites:
all about CLAMP series like: X/1999 and Tokyo Babylon. Had some
scans from Asuka and has the translations. Lots of picies but the
site is a network so check out all the other sub-sites too. Download
music from its CLAMP radio and check out the X music video.
a WISH site. Download the translated scans from WISH. And now its
even better cause all four volumes are now finished!!!! WooHoo!! I
got the Wish music video from here too. Also a nifty Kouryuu shrine.
has the TOKYO BABYLON scans that are translated! Not all of the
seven volumes are scanned yet but five are done. The scans are
blurred and rushed but at least you can read it!! The web-mistress
specializes in fanfiction so don't forget to check that out too.
THIS is really really the best comics trip I know of. The graphics
get better later and its funny the whole way through. You have to
read it!
my Nadia's site, she just moved so half of her stuff are missing.
When there's more on, she has lots of Fushigi Yuugi pictures (of
Tasuki mainly) that she nicked off from the internet all over the
world. Yup, Nadia is odd.

AIEEE!!! This is soo funny, its a chibi fanfic and is written by
lots of different authors. Incase you didn't know, it's all about
CASTLEVANIA and the era of DISCO. Really great and half the time
doesn't led anywhere.
a mp3 download gateway. BEWARE of the pop-ups. You can find almost
all songs here.
has lots of coloured X pictures. half of them are rare.
this is my fav. chat site. Its about author Janny Wurts (co-writer
of Daughter of the Empire and author of the War Of Light And Shadow
series.) She's a great writer, but lots of people complain that she
elaborates too much... I don't see it personally. Haven't been there
in a while...
sigh... this used to but the best known anime mp3 site known to
mankind.... sadly... it has departed... because of bandwith.....
still underconstruction... by Terry Pratchett himself! If you don't
know who he is... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!! Living down a hole?!
Sheesh!!! The best british writer of humour and comedy, the creator
of the gigantic Turtle Who Swims Through Space, the one whose twisted
mind thought up the wierd and equally twisted world of the Disc!

I still haven't found a good website for the Empire series... send
one to me if you have one or know of one... please!


Terry Pratchett
Janny Wurts
Robin Hobb
J K Rowling

Tokyo Babylon
Princess Mononoke

Computer Games:
Chrono Trigger
(I hate FF8)

Ah... I think that's enough for now.

Love from

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