My Life As It Ocurrs
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2000-10-17 22:54:19 (UTC)

Ok.. so first entry in the..

Ok.. so first entry in the diary, nothing exciting. Dad's pissing me
off again cos when he didnt get me up to go ringing, he accused me of
being a lazy bastard and actually choosing not to go. What a prick!
Damn I'm ashamed of him. Y'know he even left a porn mag out (probably
forgot about it) for all to see. I just couldn't stand to see it
there so I put it back where it was before.. under the chair where I
had PREVIOUSLY found it looking for my pen. Goddamnnit.

My Physics coursework is due in on Friday.. haven't started it yet.
Not sure if I'll get it in on time.. but at least if its late it will
just be marked down not end up being UNmarked like the chemistry
would have been.

Now I'm gonna go look for a diary to keep on my home machine and then
go and masturbate. Hopefully at some time I'll get to experince what
bi-sexual sex is about, but it doesn't look like its gonna happen
anytime soon. The unfortunate thing is that I wont let ANYTHING up my
arse which disappoints some people.

Well never mind.. that'll do for now

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