Lost in feelings
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2002-04-06 02:01:16 (UTC)

My feelings are capturing me!!

this week has been very hard for me alot of things
have happened 2 me,I really like this one guy,but he dont
like me , ive felt like this for one other person,but the
problem is Iam developing feelings for someone else,and i
dont know what to do,I really want to stay true to that one
person,but the guy i am developing feelings for....HATES
me,and there is nothing i can do about it,i wish i could
fall off of earth,without any pain,or suffering!
I tried 2 talk 2 both guys,but they both just have
their heads in the sky,and dont even notice me, i have
spent most of spring break just thinking about these
I have to go now,but i hope that my feelings fade from me!

Alex P. H.