mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-06 02:00:07 (UTC)


I owe, I owe, so here @ work I stay..... I got my
chargecard bills in mail today... I know that God will not
overburden me ( I must have faith.. ) So, tonight I need to
put in some overtime in order to make some extra $$$ to
start to cover bills. I am gonna stay at least 2, maybe up
to 5 hrs, not sure if I will stay any longer than that, 5
hrs will be close to $100 extra , so we will see. At moment
I have ot possible both next fri & sat, but im not gonna
commit to it just yet.. lets just take this one day at a
time, ok ?? back is still quite sore, but I was able to
crack it bout an hr ago, it feels somewhat better now.
I am truly hoping that this ot will be here next week &
that I will feel up to stayin . Plus I need to keep
positive attitude toward interview next week.
Keep Prayin that this works for me ..

TTFN # 3?